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Thai Red Curry

When it gets a little dull outside, I am usually the first one picking up the phone and ordering a good Thai take out. Then again, who wants to spend $40 for one meal when you can spend $20 and make it last 2 days!

This week I decided to make something warm and filling. Perfect for snuggling up on the couch with! This recipe is a little bit of a cheat as it does take more than 30 minutes to cook, however, time spent in the kitchen is no more than 10 minutes.

To keep this recipe healthy I went with coconut milk, which is full of manganese. Manganese is essential for bone growth as well as creating essential enzymes to assist metabolism in the body. Adding in lots of vegetables to a curry is a sneaky way to get those who aren’t the biggest fan to eat them, as they tend to absorb all the yummy flavours from the sauce.

As coconut milk is naturally high in fats, no extra oils were used! I would recommend using fresh vegetables and herbs rather than frozen or dried as the flavours come out much richer. I used vegetables that I personally love, but you can substitute one or all of them for ones you prefer.

Prep Time        10 mins

Cook time         2 1/2 hours

Total Time        2 hours 40 mins

Servings: 6


Kaffir lime**

Bunch of fresh basil

Thai  Chilli (optional)

2 small eggplant (optional)*

1 Red pepper

1 can Bamboo shoots (optional)*

1L full fat coconut milk or cream (3 cans)***

Thai red curry paste (approx. 6 Tbsp/ 1 small jar)

Thumb ginger

2tbsp coconut sugar

Chicken or tofu cut up into cubes

*Other veggies that will work

Snap peas, green and yellow pepper, broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple for sweetness, spinach, mushrooms, carrots and water chestnuts.

**If you can not find kaffir lime leaves, substituting in lemon/lime zest and juice with 3 teaspoons of soy sauce/tamari/coconut aminos works great.

***If you opt for using coconut cream, the curry will be much thicker. Substituting in one can of cream works best and gives the curry a great consistency.


  1. Place coconut milk/cream, Thai red curry paste, ginger, coconut sugar and egg plant (optional) into slow cooker and turn on high for 2 hours (this is a good time to go to swim practice).
  2. In a pan, brown tofu/chicken add it into pot.
  3. Chop and add in remaining vegetables along with the Kaffir lime leaf, basil and chilli (if you want some spice).
  4. Let the curry cook for a further 20mins or until vegetables are cooked to preferred texture.
  5. Serve over bed of steamed jasmine rice and enjoy.

NOTE: I always find curry tastes even better the next day so don’t be afraid of having some left overs.



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